What is Bluprint?

Bluprint is a personal design firm that operates on the idea of human connection made between clients and artists. Our unique approach to consulting allows the client to be a part of the creation process for their commission, while giving our artists direction, motivation, and resources.

Need a Piece Done?

We change your visual art needs from an idea to reality, then connect with our extensive network of artists to fulfill your needs.

Are You an Artist?

Finding work as a young artist is challenging, we're here to help. Our unique method of creating removes the stress of finding and maintaining clients and their commissions.

Meet the team

Benjamin Baugham CEO

Ben Baugham, or Boy Blue, is the Chief Executive Officer and head Architect for Bluprint. Ben's art journey began at childhood, and has taken him to great heights since. Ben's passion for bringing people together through art takes many forms. You might find him at the Oregon District chalking and chatting it up, or performing live in front of a corporate audience. Bluprint is his ultimate expression of filling the gaps between people with art.

Nathan Roberts CMO

Nathan Roberts, or SuperZero, is the Chief Marketing Officer and artist liaison for Bluprint. Nathan's extensive portfolio is evidence enough of his commitment to the arts and his passion for creating. His passion manifests itself through his role in Bluprint, helping up and coming local artists further their career.

Ali Abiba CTO

Ali Abiba is the Chief Techincal Officer and runs the business/tech side of things. While not an artist, Ali deeply appreciates and understands the value that visual arts has on society and culture. Ali's expertise lies in helping artists get the business they need, and clients the art they need.

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